Indoor Ethernet Jack Enclosure

//Indoor Ethernet Jack Enclosure

Indoor Ethernet Jack Enclosure


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Ethernet enclosure for OM2P-HS, OM5P and OM5P-AC access points allows you to replace any single-gang data port with a secure access point, while retaining an ethernet passthrough.

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The Open Mesh Ethernet Enclosure for OM Series access points allows you to replace any single-gang data port with a secure, cloud-managed access point, while retaining an Ethernet passthrough for any wired client device. The result is a professional, functional and secure installation, with the access point completely hidden inside. This enclosure is ideal for hospitality, small business and MDU environments where cabling is already in place.

The Ethernet passthrough port is fed by the OM2P-LC, OM2P-HS or OM5P access point (which can either be bridged with the LAN or run through the captive portal / NAT). This gives you the option of providing the wireless captive portal on the wired port, with its associated splash page and shaping rules.

To install, simply mount the backing plate to the single-gang box (replacing the cover), attach the enclosed cable adapters, clip the access point into place and close the cover. If you have a second data port or phone line, snap the cable into the enclosure. If not, snap in an enclosed blank plug. To open, simply insert and remove the enclosed key. Watch the video below for a detailed look.

Dimensions: H=17.1cm (6.8″), D=3.2cm (1.3″), W=8.2cm (3.2″)

Access point and PoE injector sold separately. Not compatible with OM2P due to external antenna.


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