As a result of Datto confirming that OpenMesh is out and Datto is in – Open-mesh hardware will no longer be available for purchase from Openmesh in Portland Oregon after December 31st 2018. You can read the announcement here. 
We are seriously looking for a new replacement for the OpenMesh products and Cloudtrax Dashboard we all grew to love. As part of that effort we want to include your input into a very big decision on all of our OpenMesh community in Canada.
At Access Wireless we will stock OpenMesh hardware as long as we can but once it runs out we need to find a practical replacement with similar or better features at a comparable price point.
Your feedback through this survey will help all of us achieve that goal. if you would like to remain anonymous then don’t login to our Access Wireless website while filling out the survey. If you are logged in your responses will be tagged to your account – your choice.

Openmesh Replacement Survey

Are you switching your networks to
What are your three most important features that you would like to see in an OpenMesh replacement product

Cloudtrax like Dashboard - Nothing is really free - it costs real money to develop, maintain and then run a monster server to properly serve millions of users which was OpenMesh's challenge once they got quite big - so ...

Basic License
Would a low yearly basic license fee of $99USD per year for all of your networks under one master login, like Cloudtrax did it, be OK?
White Label License
Would a yearly White Label License (your own branding and domain name of the dashboard) for $500 per year for all of your networks under one master login like Cloudtrax did it be OK?
Captive Portal - simple - no external Radius server needed - Were you happy with the Cloudtrax Captive Portal ability to add text and pictures where you wanted them on your splashpage?
WPA Enterprise integration to external Radius Servers instead of the internal and limited Captive Portal. Would you like or did you ever use the WPA Enterprise integration to external Radius Servers for enhanced security, analytics or logins from Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linkedin?
API integration for your own custom code applications. Was API Integration important to your installations?

Were you aware of the unique feature in Openmesh access points called "Hardware Watchdog" chip for automatic reboot until internet is available that probably saved you hours of grief every time the internet went down because you didn't have to drive out to your customer to reboot them? Ubiquiti, TP-link and many others don't have that feature and used to drive me nuts. It is that feature that caught my eye 10 years ago when Openmesh started.

Was that Hardware Watchdog feature important to you?

Regarding POE Switches

How would you rate the OpenMesh POE Ethernet Switches? Check all that apply.
Which models did you like best